End of week two;After resumption.


The week flies,so fast,it was like yesterday, school resumed from vacation, and now it is already,2 weeks,thats the good thing about Education, it is so much fun,that kids,forget,the challenges it comes with.

For the teachers,though it’s hard work,working on your passion and what you love,makes you forget the challenges in it,

Well i mean,the teaching,lesson notes,lesson plan preparation, marking classwork,marking the homework and Assignment, all contributes to the challenges,others are making necessary corrections,basic inspections, e.t.c.

Now,we prepare for  the following week,with hope for a smooth one too, at that.

So i use this medium to wish all pupils,students and teachers a great weekend,use it to relax and refresh yourselves.

Parent same to you too.please remind the kids to do their home chores and school work too.

Have a great weekend.

Best regard from

Victoria ngozi ndah.


At the end of the first week of resumption.

Yes,yesterday ended my school’s first week of resumption in the second term academic calender schedule.

We experienced quite a high turn out of pupils and students,but it wouldn’t be like the coming week,as pupil and students and parents believe,serious academic activities will begin.

So i want to say welcome to all my pupils  and students out there and others and also to all our teachers who will continue they ever untiring efforts on our children, our future.

So i will say welcome all of you to the second term as it begins.

Good students work hard and good teachers don’t relent on your efforts to bring up the future of our world.parent pls always support and encourage both pupils/students and their teachers.

Best regards,

Ngozi Ndah Victoria.


Tips for pupils/students as the term begins.

Hi, dear friends,both young and old as i wrote in my last post,on schools’ resumption after the holidays;i have a few tips for my young friends resuming school after the holidays.

This i believe would be of great help to you,especially those who see it as much of hardwork getting things back together and up and going,these few tips i believe will help you warmup and start getting used to your normal everyday routine:-

*Try to get all your school items in order such as:-uniforms,(cardigan,headwarmer for the cold). stocks,footwears,bags with books and writing materials ready and waiting.

* Don’t stay up late in order to wake up early.

* wake up early say  6:00am would do.

*Say your prayers (no matter how short)

* Try doing at least a chore (let it serve as a kind of exercise).

*brush,wash yourself and get dressed in time.

*take your breakfast,no matter how small or light.

Take advice from grown up around.

*Try not watching t.v far into the night.

*try not browsing and making calls throught the night.

* try reading a bit before you go to bed.

  I believe with these few tips,it would go a long way to make your resumption in this cold season less a nightmare.

Best wishes.

Vickiey ndah.


In Readiness for schools’ resumption.

School resumes on the 9th in northern schools all over Nigeria.

And it gets me to start thinking,of the new term challenges waiting for us as teachers,from preparation of the lesson plan,to conducting assembly, making sure all pupils and students are present or will eventually be.

I start thinking of students who might eventually, drop out or might contipulate on droping out due to the biting hardship, and i always tell myself,and believed it wouldn’t happen this time.

The recession has bitten had,and this has made,going to school a luxury to some families.thus making coming to school or studying quite difficult.

But with the new term starting,i hope i don’t have to lose any of my students to the biting recession.

Being a teacher,it is always so pleasant seeing them all resume,especially the hardworking ones.”mummy i can’t wait to go to school on monday”my son said and this brought me back to reality while we prepared his school items in readiness for school resumption.

Victoria Ngozi ndah.