In Readiness for schools’ resumption.

School resumes on the 9th in northern schools all over Nigeria.

And it gets me to start thinking,of the new term challenges waiting for us as teachers,from preparation of the lesson plan,to conducting assembly, making sure all pupils and students are present or will eventually be.

I start thinking of students who might eventually, drop out or might contipulate on droping out due to the biting hardship, and i always tell myself,and believed it wouldn’t happen this time.

The recession has bitten had,and this has made,going to school a luxury to some families.thus making coming to school or studying quite difficult.

But with the new term starting,i hope i don’t have to lose any of my students to the biting recession.

Being a teacher,it is always so pleasant seeing them all resume,especially the hardworking ones.”mummy i can’t wait to go to school on monday”my son said and this brought me back to reality while we prepared his school items in readiness for school resumption.

Victoria Ngozi ndah.


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