Tips for pupils/students as the term begins.

Hi, dear friends,both young and old as i wrote in my last post,on schools’ resumption after the holidays;i have a few tips for my young friends resuming school after the holidays.

This i believe would be of great help to you,especially those who see it as much of hardwork getting things back together and up and going,these few tips i believe will help you warmup and start getting used to your normal everyday routine:-

*Try to get all your school items in order such as:-uniforms,(cardigan,headwarmer for the cold). stocks,footwears,bags with books and writing materials ready and waiting.

* Don’t stay up late in order to wake up early.

* wake up early say  6:00am would do.

*Say your prayers (no matter how short)

* Try doing at least a chore (let it serve as a kind of exercise).

*brush,wash yourself and get dressed in time.

*take your breakfast,no matter how small or light.

Take advice from grown up around.

*Try not watching t.v far into the night.

*try not browsing and making calls throught the night.

* try reading a bit before you go to bed.

  I believe with these few tips,it would go a long way to make your resumption in this cold season less a nightmare.

Best wishes.

Vickiey ndah.


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