Yes!new days  for our dreams to be fulfilled, new chances not to waste,but to use as God’s instruments to fulfil and give hope to the hopeless.Be inspiration to people who look up to us,and most importantly try to make up for those chances we missed i guess.

Your friend,

Victoria ngozi ndah.



Helping the poor this Christmas.

 Hello everyone out there,My name is Victoria Ngozi Ndah.This is my very first blog on this platform,so briefly i want to express my feelings on this subject on which I believe this is a season to be greatful,and for that reason,giving to the less privilege  around us is a great way to show how greatful and appreciative you can be,so as you celebrate this season,give to a less privileged person you find around you!At this is a right period for that.MERRY CHRISMAS to those who know it’s true meaning and what it stands for!   Celebrating my Very first blog on this platform. Hope you make sense from this post!!(picture below is a poor homeless man!)